Monday 07/11/2016

At 8 o‘clock we all met in the gym. All groups had prepared a short presentation about their schools. The Austrian group gave ‚Wiener Mannerschnitten‘ to everybody. These presentations were very interesting. Then we went upstairs to the 4th floor. I was in group B. The topic of our first CLIL lesson was ‚The art of communication‘. We made four groups. Most of the tasks were about teamwork. The best task was that we had to build a Lego-car, but if you have to work together with every group it‘s a little difficult. This lesson wasn‘t only fun but it was very interesting, too.

Then we had our lunch break. The weather wasn‘t that good on this day. But we continued our afternoon program which was a ‚Zwickauer Stadtralley‘. Almost every person had cold hands on that day, but also even a little bit of fun. Before we all met again, my group tried to get warm inside H&M. Then Mr Wolf and Mr Kreutz took the materials which they had given us at the beginning of the afternoon. These materials were a map and a sheet of paper with questions on it. Then we said good bye. And we looked forward to the next day.



Tuesday 08/11/2016

At this day we all met in our groups at 8 o‘clock for CLIL lessons.

We learned something about business stuff and we did our own business ideas. It was very funny to see what we did and how the end of it looked like !

At lunchtime we had some warm food at the cafeteria and got our own packed lunch. At 12:15 50 students travelled with a big bus for one hour and 15 minutes to the Räucherkerzenfabrik. The first group got out there and the other students travelled to the Pumpspeicherwerk Makersbach.

At the Räucherkerzenfabrik there was not much space but you had the chance to make your own Räucherkerzen with some fruits or the most funny things to let your Räucherkerzen smell awesome !

If you try this you need to know that your hands will be very, very dirty like pitchblack. While we did this the other group arrived at the Pumpspeicherwerk in Makersbach. It looked from the outside like a small house but in the inside it was soooo big. These guys told us something about the safety and after that we got a helmet and went 150 meters under the ground to watch how this works. It was so gigantic down there. After we finished our tasks the groups changed the location to do the same. At round 5 o`clock both finished and we travelled back to Zwickau and arrived at 06:30 to say good bye for that awesome day.



Wednesday 09/11/2016

We went to school at 8 o‘clock like on a regular day. Inside we had CLIL lessons. In the lessons we were taught by Mr Rolig and Mrs Kirsch and the subject was communication. As we finished with the CLIL we had a break and we ate our lunch. Later we split the group and the group one went to the August Horch museum and group two went to the VW factory by bus. My group went to the VW factory. In the VW factory it was a nice. A man gave us a lot of information. It was very interesting. Later the man showed us the factory itself. We watched the workers do their jobs. Later we returned to the bus and went back to school and finally we went home



Thursday 10/11/2016 – DRESDEN

On Thursday, the 10th of November we went to Dresden with the other ERASMUS+ kids. Our bus to Dresden left at 8.00 o‘clock. We arrived there at 10.30 am. We were divided into 2 groups, an English and a German group. At first the German group had a city tour through the inner city of Dresden on foot for one hour. Then we swapped with the second group and had a citytour by bus. Here we were shown the surrounding areas of Dresden. At 01.45 pm we had free time for shopping. We split into in groups and most of us went to Starbuck‘s. At 03.30 pm we returned to the bus again to go home. It was a very funny bus ride. At 17.45 pm we arrived in Zwickau and went home with our families.



Friday 11/11/2016

We met in school at 8 o‘clock. We had CLIL lessons from eight to half past nine. After that we went to the August Horch Museum. It took us half an hour to walk there. A guide waited for us at the museum. He went with us into the house near the museum, a reconstruction of the original house of August Horch. After that we went back to the museum for a nice tour. For me it was a little boring because I had been there the previous Saturday. In the museum there was a destroyed Trabant and other beautiful older cars. At lunchtime we were back at school. Together we had dinner for the last time. Then we returned to our former CLIL groups. We all prepared a little presentation for the party on Friday afternoon.

At the party we held our presentations and also ate a little bit because the students of class nine a prepared some snacks for us. Unfortunately the students and teachers from Romania and Denmark had to leave very early but before that the Romanians sang a little for us.