At 8 o'clock we all met in the school.
When all had arrived they give us a little tour through the school and introduced the programme of the week to us.
At 8:50 am we had a little break.
To know each other better, we played all together games. The peers expplained every game.
At 10 o'clock we'had a little snack.
After lunch we had a little time left with the peers before our first CLIL lesson started. The theme was 'What is Tourism?'.
At 11:50 we assessed the lesson.
At 12 o'clock we drove to 'Schönbrunn Zoo' by bus.
There they gave us a little presentation before we had our lunch.
When all were finished we had a little time to explore the zoo.
After we left the zoo, we had a little bus tour through Vienna around 15:00.
When we arrived in the 1st district, our tour guide walked with us to 'Time Travel'.
On the way she showed us a few sights and a cat café named 'Neko'.
'Neko' is the japanese word for cat.
Time Travel was very interesting and told us about the history of Vienna.
At 18:30 we headed back to the BG 18.
At the end of the day we said goodbye till tomorrow.


At 8 o'clock we met at the BG 18 again.
We had a CLIL lesson till 8:50. Then we assessed the lesson again.
Now we had 5 minutes to eat and drink something or
to prepare for the next CLIL lesson.
On this day we also had a 'Klimabündnis Workshop'.
We were again separated into little groups and we had to prepare little
presentations to a topic the instructor gave us.
After this we had our lunch.
At 12:55 we started our third CLIL lesson.
And one hour later the fourth and last CLIL lesson for today.
After we finished everything we all went home.



On Wednesday, the 28th we were separated in new groups.
The first group was introduced to the different
oppertunities to make our AV presentation by the IT teacher.
We had to make a video, a podcast or a powerpoint presentation.
Almost every group decided to make a video.
At the same time the second group was at the libary and choose a topic.
After we had finished the groups swapped the rooms.
From 10 o'clock to 11:50 the groups worked on their AV presentations.
Then we had lunch.
When all finished we had a little freetime, because a woman from the
tourism center introduced us to the 'Vienna Card'.
After she finished we had a presentation of 'Blaguss Reisen'.
We all built up our country presentations.
15:30 our day ended and we said goodbye till tomorrow.



At 8 o'clock we worked on our AV presentations for the whole day.
Funny outtakes were made and the scenes were filmed.
After we filmed everything we cutted it.
Cutting was very difficult, but we all made it.
At 14:15 we presented our AV presentations to the others.
We all had something to laugh. For example about the outtakes
almost everybody had included.
We setted up our exihibition and prepared for the main event.
Many people visited us at our stand.
The programme on the exihibition was very interesting and nice.


At 8 o'clock we met for the last time at the school.
9:30 we left for the Danube Tower.
There we had a tour.
He told us fact about the tower and Vienna.
After this we had a delicious lunch.
When we arrived on the ground again the teachers
from Vienna gave a little speech.
And some students started to cry, because we the
people of Romania earlier than everybody else.
When we arrived at the school everybody went home and was a bit sad,
because this wonderful week was over.