Sechstes Erasmus+ Projekttreffen vom 15. – 21. April 2018 in Rhauderfehn

Monday, 16th April 2018

Our ?rst day in school started 8:15 am. We met in the cafeteria and Eelke began to talk about his “dream” of the project Erasmus +. After that we divided the students into two groups. Group B had lessons with Mr Kreutz until 11:30. We began with some “Get to know activities”. As we were ?nished, we went on to the CLIL ( Content Language Integrated Learning) lessons about the topic “European Union for Beginners”. After that we had lunch break. Then, we went “Boßeln”, a typical East-Frisian sport. The groups take it in turns to throw a ball as far as possible across the streets. The group that passes the finish line first wins. Normally East-Frisians play it and drink a lot, but it was a school project, so we had to play it without this special fun factor, but it was fun anyway. Our program ended at 5 pm with teabag-far-throw, another crazy sport.


Tuesday, 17th April 2018

On the second day we met again in the cafeteria.

At 8:25 our first lesson started. As on Monday, we did some ‚Get to know activities‘. In my group we had lessons about the history of Europe. It was very interesting. At the end we had a little contest, every group had to list up as many countries and their capitals as they could. At 12 we had lunch in the cafeteria.

From 2 pm until 4 pm we had a guided tour of the marine history of Rhauderfehn. After we walked along a “Wieke” (kind of channel), we entered the ‘Fehn- und Schuffahrtsmuseum‘ – a museum of marine and local history.

We got picked up by our families in front of the museum.


Wednesday, 18th April 2018

On Wednesday we started our CLIL lessons, as the days before, at 8:25.

My group had the topic ‚stereotypes‘. We also had a task where we had to list up as many stereotypes as we could. It was funny to hear what some of the students had written.

At 12 we got lunch in the cafeteria. Then we had free time until 2 pm.

We went on a trip to a Wieke, where we got divided into two groups. The first group had a nice little boat trip, while the other group had a shipman training. This group had to make knots,

It seemed easier than it was.

After that, the groups switched. When everybody was back in the harbour we got some ice cream from Mrs Killmann.

There was also a woman of the local news paper, who had an interview with the head teacher of the school in Rhauderfehn.

After that, everybody got taken home by their families.


Thursday, 19th April 2018

On Thursday, we had to meet at 8:45 in the cafeteria.

Mrs Killmann passed a a piece of paper, so everyone could write his / her phone number on it. After everybody was done, we walked to the bus, which took us to Leer. It was 8:45, when we arrived in Leer. Before we could visit the shipping company ‚Hartmann‘, Mrs Killmann showed us a church. She told us that they had to disguise their church, so that it did not look like one.

In Leer were 3 religious groups: catholics, protestants and reformed.

Then we went to the shipping company ‚Hartmann‘. Our tour started at 9 am. First we had to go upstairs, where we had a presentation.

Mr Eschershaus told us many facts about the company, for example that 80% of their employees are Philippines.

He divided us into two groups. One had to wait in the room, while the second group was guided through the office. Then we switched groups.

After everyone saw the office we went to the marine university. We arrived the university at 11 am. Two men went with us upstairs, where they gave a presentation. They told us that they are only 6 employees. We were again divided into two groups. They took us into two simulation rooms for ship officers and captains.

At 13:30 our tour ended and we went to a fast food restaurant named ‚Kochlöffel‘ to have lunch (fries and a burgers). Then we had free time until 16:50. We had to meet at the train station. After everybody was there we got into the bus and drove back to Rhauderfehn.

There we said goodbye until tomorrow.


Friday, 20th April 2018

We met in the cafeteria. When everybody was there, we took a bus to Ditzum. There we had a little time to walk around.

After that we were divided into two groups, one visited the traditional boat builder ‚Bültjer‘. The other  visited a museum about traditional fishing. Then the groups switched.

After 30 minutes we had lunch, in a restaurant. We had burgers in different variations. We also got something to drink.

Then we took a ferry to cross the river Ems. On the other side we took a bus to Oldersum. There one group visited a ropery and the other had an East-Frisian “Tea Ceremony” from 14:30 to 15:30.

After 30 minutes we switched groups.

Finally we got back to the bus, which took us back to the school.

We changed our clothes and got really nervous about the singing contest. It was funny, everyone tried their best.
Here you can find our song on YouTube. After the contest we had time to eat and say farewell to our new friends.

A few even cried. We hope to see them again.