Viertes Erasmus+ Projekttreffen 23. – 29. April 2017 in Augustenborg

After we had worked so much the teachers granted us a break so we had sandwiches. In this break virtually all students went to the stone beach to enjoy their meal. After that we returned to the coach and went back to school where we were picked up by our host families and were taken home. When we were at home I met with Yannick again and together we went over to the beach where we relaxed. Then we returned and slept.

Joe Kai Neubert


Thursday, 27th April 2017

On Thursday we built our 'Eco' fun park which we had designed the day before. This took 2 hours. We had straws, some wire, hot glue guns, paint, cotton, little wood planks and more. It was very nice to interact with our groups and the other people. After 2 hours of working on our parks we had to finish because a woman from the town hall who is working for their 'eco' part was coming to see which ideas we had. They told us they wanted to build a fun park in Denmark, and she was impressed by some good ideas. We had to answer questions like: What do the customers drink and eat? How is the park powered? It was such a nice experience to tell this women what we had planned. And also the thought that maybe OUR ideas would come true!
Then we built trébuchets. We made them out of wood. This took about 2 hours. Mostly the boys made them. The girls did the weights. It was very loud there. Then we had a lunch break. Every day we had very delicious sandwiches. After lunch we had a little contest. It was about shooting the furthest with the trébuchet. This lesson taught us in teamwork and communication with other people.
Sadly our fun day ended at 2 pm. So we said good bye till tomorrow.

Chayenne Binder


Friday, 28th April 2017

On Friday, as every day we were at 8 o`clock a.m. In the Danish school. Half an hour later we were divided in to groups for the presentation. I had to report together with my group about the lessons on Monday and Tuesday. We had time for the preparation until 9 o`clock. Then we went to Danfoss by bus. We listened to a report about Danfoss.
Danfoss is a company with the place of business in Nordborg on the southern Danish island of Alsen in the community of Sonderborg. 53 factories in 21 countries belong to this company. Worldwide there are working 22500 employees. The most wellknown product made in the company of Danfoss is a thermostat valve.
Furthermore the following products are made in this company: gearbox engines, heat pumps, floor heating systems, air systems, long distance heating and water supply systems.
Besides there is "Danfoss Nessie", a high pressure water system for air humidifying. This is used for fire fighting, industrial cleaning, wood industry and hydraulic systems. After the lecture we could had a look at a production hall. Before we had to put on special shoes, googles and headphones. We had to go a rather long distance to reach this hall, because this is a huge area.
After this visit we returned to the main building. There we went by paternoster to the 10th floor. On the top most floor there are rooms not everybody can enter. But we could enjoy the wonderful view. Then we went down a spiral straircase. After lunch we returned to Augustenborg.
At 2 p.m. the presentation began. Unfortunately my host family was not able to take part because they are both teachers and had to give lessons.
After the presentation my host father picked us three, Arwen, Leonie and me, up. In the evening we went on cycling trip together with our host father.
The stay in Denmark was a great experience for me and I enjoyed it very much.

Annemarie Heider