9. bis 16. April 2016

Zweites ERASMUS+ Treffen in Zarnesti – Rumänien

Im April dieses Jahres war es wieder soweit – wir, das sind Arwen, Leonie, Lukas, Joe, Jimmy, Leon sowie Frau Köhler und Herr Claassen - haben uns mit Schülern und Lehrern aus Augustenborg, Rhauderfehn und Wien in Zarnesti zum Projekttreffen eingefunden, um gemeinsam in den CLIL-Unterrichtsstunden und bei vielfältigen Aktivitäten mehrsprachig zu lernen und später das Gelernte auch in der Praxis anzuwenden.

 ...und so sah unsere Woche aus, die wir in der herrlichen Landschaft der Karpaten und in einer von großer Gastfreundschaft geprägten Atmosphäre verbracht haben -  in Worten (...der Reisebericht erfolgt in englischer Sprache/ unserer „working language“) und einigen Bildern.

The second ERASMUS+ project meeting
in Zarnesti-Romania 09.04. – 16.04.2016

Travel diary (written by Arwen-Nimue Möckel)

Saturday, 9th of april, 2016

At 8:30am we started our journey from Zwickau to Romania. We spent the first hour laughing and discussing the journey. Come to court on, from Hof we switched to the train to Nuremberg. That ride lasted two hours. Having arrived in Nuremberg we had to hurry to get to the ICE. On the ICE we looked for our seats. We prepared our presentation for Monday, however, we had a few confrontations. That was all forgotten again relatively quickly. On the ride Leonie and I read and the boys watched a movie. Then we were already in Vienna and have to wait for two hours until the people from Rhauderfehn were there. We walked around train station or talked. Later we went together to a bakery to have a meal before we boarded the night train back. The first fright were the compartments but they were for six people, the door was the best. The door was turned down with a lever and secured with a small heel. Jimmy, Joe, Leon and Luke are with Mr. Claassen in a compartment. Leonie and I share one with Mrs. Köhler. It was difficult to sleep in the train. It wobbled, and you always hear the rattling of the rails. The customs officers were also not very friendly. But we did not realize because we slept.

Sunday 10th of april, 2016

We all got up very early. But everybody was still tired. If you looked out the window of the train you could see an almost never ending site. What did we do for the rest of the journey? Not very much. Leonie and I read and listen to music. Mrs. Köhler and Mr. Claassen were seated in the compartment. After a while we trundled into the station of Brasov. Then we only had to drive an hour with the bus and we were at school. Here we meet our host families and very friendly welcome. I eat with my family. We went to Brasov and they showed me the city, but what I had been looking forward to the most was the bed.

Monday, 11th of april, 2016

That morning I had to get up at 6:00am (5:00 German time). I went to the school with the child of my host family . Here we met everybody and exchanged information about the host families. First we went to a house where we had breakfast. We had the first CLIL- lesson. In one room there were cookies or fruit for us. After the four lessons we walked to a restaurant and there we had eat a traditional Romania meal and pancakes with chocolate. We were picked up by a bus and went to the Piatra Craiului National Park. In a museum of the National Park we were told a lot about the animals and the flora and we also watched a documentation.

Tuesday, 12th of april, 2016

Just like the Monday, we got up at 6.00 am. And again we went to the house where we had breakfast. And again we had the CLIL- lessons but today the teachers from Romania teaching us . We talked about the different animals in the Carpathians such as: bears and lynxes. But we have also painted a footprint on a piece of wood. At school we went picked up by a bus and drove in a Transylvanian restaurant where we had lunch. Then we drove to the Castle of Dracula. There we got an introduction and were allowed to look at the rest on ore own. It was exciting and the castle looked nice from the outside. After we were done Leonie, Felix and I walked around the village . Back at school, I was picked up by the child of the host family. Later we went to a music pub by bus. There we met others and it was very funny. We were back home about 12pm.

Wednesday, 13th of april, 2016

Like the last two days I got at 6:00am. And again we went into the house to have breakfast. Today we had the CLIL- lessons with the teachers from Denmark. We had a workbook about the flora and the vegetation zones of the Carpathians. Again, we were picked up by a bus and went to a restaurant. Today there was this change of plan. Actually we wanted to go to cave but since it was full of water becomes of the rain. That is why we went to a castle. This castle was a very good strategic point for Transylvania. It is on a mountain and has other advantages. In the castle there is also a small village and a school. When we were done with the tour we had time so we went into a dinosaur park. When we were back in school, I was picked up again. And again we went to a pub. Where the others were back. We played darts and talked. We were not much earlier home than yesterday.

Thursday, 14th of april, 2016

Today get up 6.00am. but today was a little different, we had a full day excursion. But first we had breakfast together. We went with two small buses to a bear sanctuary. There they told us the sad stories of the bears. One of the bears was stabbed in the eye and do a paste on it so that it looked as if he was smiling. This reserve is financed with foundations of Germans. Tethers as this trip Leonie, Leon, Felix (Rhauderfehn), Joe, Luke and I sang. In the next stop we go out and hiked. Leonie and I have since sung. when we arrived at a certain point we were divided into groups. Each group was ordered to make tasks as an approximate run. But we could also climb a rock wall or go to a web Sail. We started build, a wooden house. But when the material was there it beg a to rain so we went to a summer house. The who owns the house had his birthday on this day. Here in the house we had to build the house. But since so many were walking Leonie and I again went out and sang the cup song. After a while, the house was finished and we wanted to go to a restaurant but it was still raining ate and . We had a lot of fun and then there was a dance performance. This was very nice and at the end we were taken to the front to dance with everybody. Then we went behind the restaurant where a bonfire was and we felt adopted for the first time. The first was crying and it was very sad. Later, the child of the host family and I were picked up and again a very nice day in Romania was over.

Friday, 15th of april, 2016

As always we were at 6.00 and as always we went to the house for breakfast. We went to the primary school where we were already on the first day of the week to prepare the presentation. After the presentation we could decide whether we wanted to watch a movie or to do sports. I went to the movie. After the movie we went back to the house to eat lunch. But soon there was already the first farewell. The Danes and others were crying and it was sad. We set together on a bus and said goodbye already on the trip to Brasov to Vienna. Back at the Main Train Station in Brasov we had to hurry to get the train on the night train not much going on. The next day at 8.00am we were in Vienna and had breakfast and then had a walk around the station. After another hour ride we were back in Nuremberg and then it was time to say good bye to the people from Rhauderfehn. We had to hurry to get back to our train. I think each of us was looking forward to his family home. The last stop was in Hof. The last hour ride was over soon as well and we were in the arms of our families.

alle freuen sich auf zu Hause, alle sind erschöpft von der langen Reise und voller Eindrücke der vergangenen Woche mit den vielen Freunden.... Na dann, bis zum nächsten Mal!!!

It were exciting days with a lot of experiences for us and our friends – and we look forward to see all the friendly people from the ERASMUS+ project in Zwickau in November.